Pestgon FactSheet
“ If they fly they die…if they crawl they fall”

FUNGUS GNATS (Sciaridae)

Fungus Gnats are gray to dark gray flying insects. They are very small flies (less than 1/8 of an inch long) with two pair of wings. Often they are only glimpsed as they fly past your computer screen or around you head. This can become very annoying.

The potting soil of indoor plants is usually the source of any fungus gnat infestation. Fungus gnats breed in, over-watered and decaying organic matter. This is often the case with indoor potted plants. Fungus gnats are a common problem in office buildings and other areas where decorative indoor plants are present. Left uncontrolled, they can breed in to the thousands. They seek light so will fly toward a computer screens or will be found in large numbers at the windows and on the sills.

Economic Impact:
Pestgon, Inc. has learned over the years, that, as with any other insect pest, office personnel will become very aggravated by the nuisance of fungus gnats in their work environment. Often they are not really seen, but only glimpsed. This can cause a great commotion about the mysterious no-see-ums. Workers may even start complaining about mysterious bites and itching due to the presence of, now you see-um, now you don’t, fungus gnats.

Management Methods:
The professional arsenal of Pestgon, Inc. includes sticky-trap monitoring and inspections. Informing the plant service people and if allowed, appropriate insecticides. An effective pest control program, involving fungus gnats requires a mutual effort on the part of plant service people, managers and the professional pest management of Pestgon,Inc.

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