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“ If they fly they die…if they crawl they fall”

RACCOONS (Procyon lotor)

Raccoons are common in southern California. They are a medium sized animal weighing from 12-35 pounds, depending on maturity and age. They are 20 to 40 inches long, with a bushy tail having a number of black and white rings. The medium length heavy fur has a salt and pepper in appearance. The characteristic look of a raccoon is the black mask on a whitish face. The face is triangular with a pointed nose and prominent dog-like ears. Overall the raccoon appears grayish-black and when walking on all fours its back is raised in a curve. The front paws are hand-like, giving the raccoon the ability to handle objects like a monkey. Their beauty and domestic look often attract admirers.

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, preferring to hunt and scavenge at night so they are not often seen. They are omnivores and their diet is extremely diverse. They eat a wide variety of foods including, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, eggs, insects, carrion, and pet food left out for house pets. So, around retail/commercial buildings opossums are scavengers, they seek out the garbage dumpster and food areas. Pestgon, Inc., has found them living mostly in building voids and attics, usually high up where they can find shelter as a den to raise their young. Their natural den is often a hollow tree.

Economic Impact:
Raccoons can cause considerable damage to any retail/commercial building. Pestgon Inc. has been called where they have even torn away roofing material and shingles to create an opening for their young. In searching for underground insects and grubs, raccoons can do major damage to lawns and flower beds by digging and tearing away the plantings. They are serious predators of bird populations, even feeding on night-roosting pigeons. They are known carriers of rabies and numerous other serious health diseases. Raccoons also carry ticks, lice and fleas, which are all disease transmitters. So it goes without saying; in the office retail, or commercial environment, raccoons can be extremely costly pests if not removed.

Management Methods:
Pestgon, Inc. is very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with nuisance wildlife problems around commercial, office and industrial buildings. As with most such pests, prevention and exclusion are the first line of defense. Eliminating the food sources by means of sanitation procedures and rodent control and insect pest control is paramount to a good wildlife management program. Since raccoons are serious predators of birds, pigeons control is a necessity. Trapping, by means of humane live traps, and removal of the animals from the property, is an effective method often used by Pestgon, Inc.

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