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COCKROACHES: (Order Blattodea)

There are over fifty cockroach species in the U.S. (This synopsis, by Pestgon, Inc., will be limited to the two most often encountered species, in and around commercial properties). The German cockroach is the most common inside buildings, especially kitchens and other food areas. It is generally dark brown in color with long antennae, a flattened body and elongated oval in shape. They average just over one half an inch long. The oriental cockroach is most commonly encountered outside, or in building entries and garages. It does not inhabit the inside. It is shiny black in color, a wide oval shape, about one inch long and a flattened body.

German cockroaches are associated with unsanitary conditions. They generally shy away from light and are attracted to warm damp areas. These cockroaches can develop in to very large pest populations within kitchen equipment, walls, motors, dishwashers, etc., they create a pungent roach odor and will eat most anything, which often left contaminated. The Oriental cockroach can develop in large numbers in irrigation boxes, around trash bins, grease traps and in underground garages. They too, have a strong roachy odor and feed on filth. Both cockroaches are disease carriers.

Economic Impact:
It goes without saying that the cockroach and the rat are the single most despised pests in our building environments. The presence of cockroaches suggests unsanitary conditions and all that is associated— pathogens, diseases, contamination and odors. For that reason, cockroach and rat infestations come under the laws of the Health Department. So, Pestgon, Inc. recognizes, that the economic impact of uncontrolled cockroach infestations, on commercial, industrial or office property can become significant.

Management Methods:
The professional arsenal of Pestgon, Inc. includes, prevention, a meticulous inspection regimen, sanitation advice, follow-ups, baits and appropriate insecticides. An effective pest control program, involving cockroaches, requires a mutual effort on the part of owners, managers and the professional pest management of Pestgon, Inc.

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